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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are one of the best communication and public relations agencies in Mexico that will help you find, build, and convert new audiences through a PESO approach - earned, owned, shared, and paid media - to grow your business. We do this for big and small companies alike, from startups to Fortune 500 brands.

If you have a story to tell or want to keep telling it- through the new buyer persona decision journey – it’s time to consider Optimized PR from a different approach.

Amidst today’s noisy environment, “what others talk about you” –whether clients, prospects, media, or digital influencers– counts more than ever.

Our Services

Relaciones Públicas

Public Relations
Traditional and Digital

Create the right message targeted to the right audience in the right way with a sophisticated PR approach.


PR Metrics (KPIs)

Know the true impact of earned, owned, paid and shared media and its contribution to the achievement of business objectives.



Content Creation

Attract attention, inspire and convert with searchable, shareable and authoritative content.




Marketing de Contenidos

Content Marketing

Increase brand recognition and visibility by sharing the right content, to the right people, at the right time.




Entrenamiento en Medios

Media Training

Maximize skills and techniques to effectively communicate with your audiences creating memorable multichannel stories.

Redes Sociales

Social Media

Boost the visibility of your brand and strengthen relationships with your business ecosystem in the digital space.


Events 4.0: Virtual | Face to Face

Events 4.0: Virtual | Face to Face

Maximize the value of time and money spent in an event, expanding the brand experience.



Marketing Digital

Digital Marketing

Connect with audiences diligently in the right place, at the right time with measurable results.




Featured Campaigns

Some of our favorite public relations case studies

Consolidating TIP Mexico Leadership: 10,000 leased units

TIP Mexico

Consolidating TIP Mexico Leadership: 10,000 leased units

Transforming imagination into reality

Roland DGA

Transforming imagination into reality

Turning challenges into opportunities with VMware Digital Workspace


Turning challenges into opportunities with VMware Digital Workspace

“Large-Format” Reach

Roland DGA

“Large-Format” Reach

In case of a power outage…


In case of a power outage…


In InfoSol, we’re generalists, we’re storytellers.

Over our 30+ year history as PR Agency –within top Public Relations agencies in Mexico, we have told stories for local and international, Fortune 500 and Startups brands. As you´ll see, in the representative sample of clients past & present, we have “been there” and we have “done that,” across Technology and Services-B2B, B2C and… with great success!

Global Reach

InfoSol – PR Company has a strong, deep network of more than 15 trusted, rock star agency partners, spanning 20 countries. Alongside our partners we are regularly executing cross-border campaigns.

Whether taking the lead on a LATAM program and coordinating agency activity, or simply being part of the LATAM team, we’re always an eager participant, hoping to provide insights from our own experience that can help in other markets, as well as learning from our agency partners to hone campaigns domestically.






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Costa Rica

Puerto Rico




Honduras - El Salvador

Team Leaders

Our management team is made up of experts in the industry, who bring years of experience to a company in constant evolution. They cultivate our values and work tirelessly to help the rest of the team to research, apply, grow and succeed.

Héctor M. Meza

Hector M. Meza


Veronica Ballesteros

Veronica Ballesteros

Corporate Accounts Director

Cristina Valezzi

Cristina Valezzi

Corporate Accounts Director

Monica Soto


Digital PR


Adriana M. Bravo

Adriana M. Bravo

Communication / Intellectual Capital Manager


Join Us

Just Different

InfoSol has made up its roster with forward thinking professionals, who along with our founder, have experience in the PR field of high-technology, professional services, manufacturing and many other industries.

When you work at InfoSol, you'll be working alongside with a talented team of writers, designers, digital strategists, and PR professionals eager to meet the challenge. We leverage the full spectrum of earned, owned, and paid media to deliver real business results.

If there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that great PR it’s about the journey -a constant process of learning and professional development- that improves your ability to deliver exceptional results to clients and helps you achieve your personal career goals.

Our learning never ends
120+ Hours annually of training on Industries, Communication and Professional Development

If you think you already know everything there is to know about PR, InfoSol probably isn’t the right agency for you.

One thing you can be sure of, we’ll maintain you at the forefront of communication as you can see it in: our Blog - Of Communication and other Passions-Mi Espacio®Stratical and our editorial contributions in key business media outlets such as Forbes, Alto Nivel, Mundo Ejecutivo, etc., and in our well defined KPI’s measured by proprietary tools and in our more than 80 proven processes portable to any industry.

So if you’re interested in constantly pushing the boundaries and taking your skill set to the front lines of the industry, InfoSol offers the professional development tools to get you there.

For information regarding our vacant positions, please contact us.