Are you considering a Digital Marketing Strategy?

5 Reasons why it is essential

wendy sanchez 18 july, 2014
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Businesses are becoming aware of the importance of Digital Marketing and have incorporated it into their marketing strategy. Almost all businesses these days rely on the web to find all the information they need about a product or service, or they rely on the web to promote their product and services globally to a wider audience. Hence Digital Marketing has grown as a strategic platform for every business to build a brand name in its targeted market.

Digital Marketing makes it possible for companies to create a personality, making people feel connected to the brand and grow loyalty.

The annual 2014 research on “Internet user’s habits in Mexico” conducted by the Asociacion Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI), reports that every day 51.2 million internet users spend an average of 5 hours 36 minutes surfing the internet and looking through vast amounts of information.

These figures demonstrate the importance of the digital world in our daily lives, being an undeniable fact that Digital Marketing offers great business opportunities in the Internet world; up to a point where if a company´s brand is not on the Internet it does not exist in other words, what is the price of not being connected?

According to Beth Negus Viveiros, managing editor of Chief Marketer magazine, there are five reasons why Digital Marketing today is essential:

1-.Digital Marketing is essential because it empowers

With just a click people can get information about anything, on how to be a good father, how to get a job, to keeping up with the stock market. No better place for brands to communicate what makes them valuable, that in those places where people are looking for information and answers.

The digital world gives consumers a voice and a very public voice. Today if someone is dissatisfied with a product, it is impossible for a company to hide or ignore their comments, if they do, it can be very serious mistake. Multiple platforms have given people a voice and help them discover the best of everything; from restaurants to banana cutters. This has strengthened both consumers and businesses that put efforts in interacting with those offering quality products and services.

2. Digital Marketing is essential because it aims at a precise target

The same platforms that have given a voice to people; have also helped companies gather more information about their Buyer Personas. This is extremely valuable because it gives brands the ability to customize messages instead of creating generic messages for all audiences. Today consumers get much more direct messages reflecting their interest and needs. The result is a stronger bond with the brand.

3. Digital Marketing is essential because it is friendly

Brands on digital platforms are identities not corporations. This gives them the opportunity to become closer to their consumers, who are, in reality now their friends. It also gives companies the ability to create a personality that makes people feel connected with the brand, encouraging loyalty towards it. Digital Marketing blends itself significantly to the global conversation in a more casual language, adding a human element to marketing in the best possible way.

4. Digital Marketing is essential because it is social

Digital Marketing gives businesses the opportunity to connect directly with people; it also creates a domino effect among its customers. Instead of trying to reach 1 million people on their own, it is possible to reach this number through sharing by the audience that has already been nurtured. Intrinsically, Digital Marketing is a very social way to connect with the public.

5. Digital Marketing is essential because it takes place in real time

With just one click, companies today have the opportunity to market their products and services to millions of people. They can also develop, adjust and refine these activities instantly, based on customers´ comments or digital market events with the help of analytical tools that provide immediate feedback.

Continuous innovation of analytical tools will help strengthen the capability to identify successes and weaknesses in marketing campaigns. These efforts and innovations will help make investment decisions for businesses and buyer personas. Most importantly, it will turn messages into extremely efficient and relevant information.

Digital Marketing is the new best friend of the brands

These new features of a brand in the digital world, benefits both consumers and brands making communication more direct and friendly. By embracing these qualities, companies can easily interact with their existing audiences and reach more people in a more alluring manner. Companies that see this value and invest in Digital Marketing will not only emerge as leaders within the digital space but quickly will become brands that people really love. The success of a company soon will depend not only on its products but also on how it develops this aspect of the business to meet the new digital world in which we live.

In addition to what Viveiros says, I would like to add that Digital Marketing has proven to be a game changer when it comes to sales and marketing business. Businesses need highly targeted traffic and a Digital Marketing strategy helps such targeted customers to find your business online.

Companies which have made Digital Marketing part of their overall marketing strategy have shown more revenue increase and exposure growth as compared to companies who haven’t.

So if you haven’t yet optimized your business for online presence, start doing it because Digital Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing are here to stay for coming years.

Digital Marketing is a necessity, not a luxury, so is your brand doing Digital Marketing?

About the author: Wendy has a degree in Communications and Postgraduate studies in Administration and Marketing from Universidad del Valle de Mexico. A seasoned professional in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Advertising, Mass Media, Corporate and Product Image, Wendy has held different positions such as Communications General Manager for the Camara Nacional de la Industria Electronica de Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologias de la Informacion (CANIETI), Account Manager for HRCOMM and Executive in Publicorp.