Socialize Without Making a Mess: Maximum benefits from Social Media Best Practices initiatives

La Medición de la Comunicación y su Estandarización en la Ciudad Condal

With the explosion of social media usage around the world, social media outlets have become an important platform for companies to engage with their business ecosystem (customers, prospects, employees and candidates).

Joe Kutchera - author of "Success: Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps” proposes to incorporate three more P's: People (opinion leaders and customers on social sites conversing about the product); Personality (feelings that a brand projects communicates through the network) and Platform. All these which must be considered in the social media strategy plus the traditional marketing 4P model (Place, Product, Price and Promotion).

Construct an emotional connection* in the audiences' hearts and minds through broad social media strategies

The trend is to create personalized messages to construct an emotional connection* in the audiences’ hearts and minds through broad social media strategies. We live in an era were interaction is not only to converse but as an indicator to create relevant content* from the information that the audience provides. Interaction gives as an opportunity to ask questions, talk, learn, listen, sign, vote, share information and opinions; provides feedback on the companies’ perception and actions.Companies that use platforms as a two-way communication medium* tend to have a more successful social media approach.

It is critical for companies embarking on social media initiatives to set objectives, measure performance* against those objectives, and compare their performance against competitors. What is measured gets improved.

A social media strategy that incorporates these key principles* can result in significant benefits from social media usage for companies such as increased brand share of voice, sales leads, brand advocates, customer satisfaction improvement and faster marketing campaigns execution.

About the author: Hector worked for IBM Mexico for more than 30 years, managing different functions and areas: Marketing and Commercial – Channel Sales, Manufacturing, External Relations, Human Resources, Legal, Education, IT, Foreign Trade and Security. During his career at IBM, he had two international assignments in charge of Marketing and Sales for Latin America. After his retirement as IBM's Executive Vice-President, he took the position as President and Corporate Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for Motorola Mexico; he was also Vice-President for Motorola Corporation.

Hector has a college degree in Business Administration from Texas A&I University, and a Master's degree in Economics from Trinity University. He has also received intensive training in advanced business management, corporate strategies and international trade at IPADE; Pittsburgh University, IBM La Hulpe in Belgium, IBM Executive Institute in N.Y. and Motorola University.

Hector is also an Independent Consultant for Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Marketing Communications and is a  columnist for Forbes Mexico, Alto Nivel  and Dialogo Ejecutivo. He may be contacted vía: Twitter: @HectorMezaC; Facebook: Héctor M. Meza; LinkedIn: Héctor M. Meza Curiel.