Who should be in charge of the Digital Marketing Strategy?

4 reasons why PR orchestrates Social Media

La Medición de la Comunicación y su Estandarización en la Ciudad Condal

Recently the debate has surged over who should be responsible for Digital Communications – web and social media.  Everything points out that the indicated area is Public Relations. Why?  Here are four reasons:

  • PR practitioners are storytellers. In PR offices, we find analysts, data curators, writers - some with previous journalism experience - who can articulate the message that the organization wants to say in a clear and relevant manner to its key constituencies.
  • Understands the messages and knows the brand´s constituencies. PR- not only knows the messages- sometimes helps developing them – therefore understands the objective of the communication and the role it plays to achieve business goals.

PR professionals know how to find the right angles for news generation and now are successfully applying this experience to create social media engagement.

  • PR knows how to handle crisis communications. The horizontal nature of social media makes consumer opinions an infinite forum, where a negative comment can make a huge buzz with implications beyond the digital environment. Thanks to years of practice with traditional media, PR teams are trained to deal with these situations,
  • Reputation Management expertise. PR work is more durable than the advertising copy and profounder than a design or an appealing animation. It is always in pursuit of creating an understanding, comprehension and relationships of mutual benefits. Social platforms are more than a broadcast channel; they create relations between the brand and its audiences.

Online communications - whether through a blog, a website or social media - require constant generation of relevant and useful content that adds value to the brands audiences. PR professionals have always known how to find the right angle to make news and now successfully apply this experience to generate engagement between internet users and brands.

Given PR knowledge of the company from the standpoint of communications; required alignment with the business goals; the need to efficiently, creatively and consistently communicate the Company´s Value Proposition through any communication channel; handle communication crisis and protect the company´s reputation, PR should orchestrate Digital Communications.

About the author: Hector worked for IBM Mexico for more than 30 years, managing different functions and areas: Marketing and Commercial – Channel Sales, Manufacturing, External Relations, Human Resources, Legal, Education, IT, Foreign Trade and Security. During his career at IBM, he had two international assignments in charge of Marketing and Sales for Latin America. After his retirement as IBM's Executive Vice-President, he took the position as President and Corporate Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for Motorola Mexico; he was also Vice-President for Motorola Corporation.

Hector has a college degree in Business Administration from Texas A&I University, and a Master's degree in Economics from Trinity University. He has also received intensive training in advanced business management, corporate strategies and international trade at IPADE; Pittsburgh University, IBM La Hulpe in Belgium, IBM Executive Institute in N.Y. and Motorola University.

Hector is also an Independent Consultant for Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Marketing Communications and is a  columnist for Forbes Mexico, Alto Nivel  and Dialogo Ejecutivo. He may be contacted vía: Twitter: @HectorMezaC; Facebook: Héctor M. Meza; LinkedIn: Héctor M. Meza Curiel.