Our Integrated Marketing
Communications Approach

Integrated marketing communications today require execution through a whole spectrum of –owned–earned-shared media. All these resources should be used continuously, constantly and consistently to boost brand awareness and its visibility to reach the different generations of your buyer personas.

Our Approach

Our Approach


Intelligent Public Relations campaigns need to be designed knowing what themes are driving communication channels; considering the competitive landscape -examining campaigns undertaken by your competitors in your markets– to see how your brand fits in this landscape.

We are “big” apostles of the SWOT analysis -Strengths and Opportunities (to leverage them) and, Weaknesses and Threats- (because among other activities it requires us to be prepared for difficult questions and potential crisis communication situations).


Integrated communications campaigns are the modern-day nexus points at which the traditional and the digital meet and by which your brand can traverse the globe, and seep into the consciousness of everyone who sees it, with a single objective in mind: create engagement- brand interaction.

Allowing us to contribute the achievement of our clients' objectives through our Media Relations Program (PRM®), of the ELMA® Model (generating a greater brand lift) to spread their messages with effective communication in a successful and positive way.

Measurement - KPI's

Demonstrating the true impact of communication campaigns on business objectives from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

It is important to set goals and metrics, with transparency and agree on the essential KPIs (Key Performance Indicators -allowing to validate which initiatives should be continued, discontinued, improved or completely changed), quantifying the value of PR in business objectives achievements.


We unify analyzes with strategies, execution with KPIs and talented professionals, eager to face challenges with communication trends that help our clients increase the spaces in earned, owned and shared media contributing the achievement of business objectives.

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