Communication in
times of crisis

Crisis planning can help you reduce risks and
speed up crisis response.

Top five benefits of developing a crisis response plan:

  1. The mere act of creating a plan often establishes heightened awareness of crisis risks throughout the organization.
  1. Crisis planning can reduce the seriousness of a crisis.
  1. Crisis planning reduces the time it takes for an organization to respond to a crisis.
  1. Crisis planning helps an organization identify a crisis.
  1. Crisis planning can remind an organization what matters most.

Ensuring that a caring and compassionate message is at the forefront of an organization's public response to crisis can go a long way in positioning the company positively even if the circumstances are terrible.

Managing Crisis Communication - No matter if it is a software, service or product failure, InfoSol helps you to navigate the storm. Our process guides clients from plan – communication where the crisis started - to real-time monitoring and issue escalation.