Communication in
times of crisis

Crisis planning can help you reduce risks and
speed up crisis response.

Every business -even small businesses- is at risk of a crisis and need a crisis response plan, hence the importance of developing a Crisis Communication plan of prevention and / or containment.

Ensuring that a caring and compassionate message is at the forefront of an organization's public response to crisis can go a long way in positioning the company positively even if the circumstances are terrible.

The main benefits of developing a crisis response plan:

  • Establishes heightened awareness of crisis risks throughout the organization anticipating events that could threaten the brand reputation.
  • Identify high-priority vulnerabilities, the list can provide the basis for initiatives aimed at reducing risks.
  • Optimize the time it takes for an organization to respond to a crisis.
  • Lay out a few universally applicable crisis messages: We Care, We're Responding and We're Investigating (or helping with the investigation).
  • Control abnormal situations, contingencies, accidents and the real or perceptual consequences, as well as the originated in media outlets.

No matter if it is a software, service or product failure, a company can miss market's trust in seconds. We navigate the storm with you. Providing the skills, resources and capabilities to face an unforeseen event that risk the achievement of objectives or that may affect the corporate image, perception or prestige.