Digital Public Relations

Building an audience to continue building your business.

Awareness and visibility of the brand is one of the most important objectives of a Good Public Relations strategy, generates a reputation (what you do, what you say and what your audiences are saying about you), and inspires confidence and builds loyal communities, increasing the customer base through a content marketing strategy.

The essence of content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and authoritative content to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience to create and increase brand awareness and foster customer loyalty.

Digital influence – the communication imperative

Digital influence increases brand visibility through authoritative content distributed in cyberspace by impartial, independent and trusted third parties –digital influencers, journalists; media– in addition, it generates interaction and relationship with the brand -engagement- and introduces the brand to a network of potential sales leads, and future referees.

Digital influencers add value to your content, when they share and comment information about your brand, they influence audiences to go to your website –before others– with the added benefit of turning content into an inbound marketing tool, so that during the customer journey, consumers remember your brand and associate it with your products, services or solutions that meet their needs.

Measuring its value and contribution

A holistic or integrated communication strategy aligns owned-earned-paid media to communicate your brand's thought leadership in a consistent and continuous manner. The primary objective of each channel, is to raise awareness and visibility to generate interactions and relationships with the brand –engagement.

Digital public relations are highly measurable, so measuring anything that positively or negatively influences your brand's reputation on social platforms will let you know which initiatives to continue, discontinue, improve, or completely change.

And what should be measured in a digital public relations strategy?

We suggest these indicators:

  • Niche influencers: Earned coverage through micro-influencers that amplifies the visibility of the brand, in social platforms, on its services, products and solutions.
  • Interactions: Interest that your brand is generating on social platforms (comments, likes, shares, retweets) and how they get involved with your brand.
  • Reach: Number of persons who viewed the digital influencer's publications about your brand.
  • Referrals: Accesses to your website.
  • Engagement: Interaction and relationship with the brand.

In the modern world of interaction with customers and prospects, highly shareable, entertaining, educational, and authoritative content, that includes links to your website (referrals) and search keywords and certainly good metrics (KPIs) will help increase awareness and visibility of your brand and make waves in a constantly evolving digital world.

Be sure to read this success story of one of our clients, on how digital influence increased exponentially awareness and visibility of the brand.

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