Digital Public

When it comes to growing your business, the most
important thing is to increase brand exposure.

One of the current marketing strategies is to amplify valuable and authoritative content to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience, to create and increase brand awareness and visibility, and foster customer loyalty with:

  • Niche market organic micro-influencers of the brand who have the scope, contextual credibility and a gift for sales.
  • Media and journalists who use social media.
  • Prosumers - social proof / evidence.

The benefits of implementing a successful Digital Public Relations strategy are vast, however is essential to:

  1. Increase brand exposure

    Influencer marketing increases brand visibility through authoritative content distributed in cyberspace by reputable, independent and impartial third parties, generating brand engagement and liaison, introducing it to a network of potential sales leads and future referees.

    Influencer Marketing, an essential element in Digital PR strategies!
  1. Brand reputation and identity

    By creating a dialogue between the brand and your customers, the brand is humanized, loyalty is promoted, and interactions can boost interest in the company all for far lower cost than other mediums.
  1. Measure Effectiveness

    Digital Public Relations allow us to track ROI, they are highly measurable, letting us know which initiatives should continue, be discontinued, improved or changed.

    It is possible to monitor essential KPIs in a Digital PR Campaign such as:

    • Earned coverage - quantity and quality.
    • Interactions (engagement): Brand interest generated in social media and how they involved the brand through mentions, impressions, reach and hashtag participation.
    • Referrals: Website traffic, to boost SEO.

Be sure to read this success story of one of our clients, on how digital influence increased exponentially awareness and visibility of the brand.