Event 4.0

Increasing the value of time and money spent on events.

Taking a more holistic approach to events and viewing them more as content creating machines, you can in fact  increase an event’s value and ROI so that it not only generates traditional media coverage, but also yields plenty of engaging content that can help boost click-throughs, improve social media engagement and bolster SEO.

For example: why not repurpose the CEO’s introductory remarks into an industry thought-leadership piece for digital influencers? Or, how about slicing up all of that wonderful event content and roll into shareable vignettes for social platforms? Better yet, why not take that great piece of event-related media coverage or great content presented and boost its reach through content amplification?

It's time to evolve our thinking, when it comes about maximizing the ROI on the value of hosting an event, and strategize how to achieve a greater marketing impact.

Read how one of our clients increased an event's ROI amplifiying its content.

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