Media Training

Discover the benefits of this invaluable tool
and make your encounters the ideal space to
monetize 'thinking' making memorable stories.

InfoSol has prepared over 500 company executives with media training sessions to enhance and maximize their communications skills and techniques to communicate messages effectively with a variety of audiences, including the media, providing the necessary elements to answer the most common questions during interactions with important audiences, allowing:

  • Reach new markets where vision and forward thinking can become profitable.
  • Provide answers with new and different ideas constantly and in a sustained way, so that the stakeholders always look for what else has to be taught to them.
  • Turn brands and their leaders into authorities and a sector's benchmark for their markets, industry and traditional and digital communication channels.
  • Credibility, increase visibility and confidence of its stakeholders, provides a solid reputation.
  • Humanize the brand and improve existing relationships with stakeholders.

What we do for you?

We offer a customized training centered on your team’s needs that provides executives with intensive training and practice – approach: 80% practice and 20% theory.

In addition, we prepare specific materials analyzing different angles by which the key messages can be outlined to the extent of the audiences and media interests, whether business or niche, generating the greatest possible impact between the markets that want to be reached with your message.

It is essential that they see and hear you continuously. When you are available, you are positioning yourself as a spokesperson and your business in a powerful way.



Contact us! We have a proven process to work with spokespersons and make their audience interactions a success.