PR Metrics (KPIs)

Proving the impact of communications
on business objectives and the value of an
investment well spent.

One of the biggest challenges, without a doubt, is to demonstrate the value of communication campaigns and their contribution to the achievement of business objectives.

Savvy professionals are looking for ways to demonstrate how media and influencer engagement, and social media efforts impact the marketing mix.

With a wide variety of metrics available, it can be difficult to select the right combination. Our RAAI® KPIs (InfoSol’s Research, Analysis & Analytics) team, using proprietary tools and powerful analytics tools and through a deep analysis has selected which, in the team point of view, are at this time the Essential KPIs to measure the performance of the PR optimized campaigns.

Although each client's definition of success is different, and metrics keep evolving, we are convinced that it is essential to demonstrate the true impact of earned, owned, paid, and shared media and, most importantly, their contribution to the achievement of the business objectives.

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