PR Metrics (KPIs)

Data- proving the value of an investment well spent

Traditional PR

Traditional media remains key to any communication strategy, so if your participation in them is not measured, it will not be possible to plan our actions and ensure the success of the communication objectives.

These are the key elements that we consider important to measure in traditional media strategy:

  • Quantity and Quality of coverage
  • Message Resonance
  • Coverage with backlinks
  • Share of Voice

Digital PR

Digital public relations are highly measurable, so measuring anything that positively or negatively influences your brand's reputation on social platforms will let you know which initiatives to continue, discontinue, improve or completely change.

We suggest these indicators:

  • Niche market organic micro-influencers
  • Interactions (engagement)
  • Accesses to website

Social Media

What you must measure depends on the goals you want to achieve.

Do you want to attract potential customers? Improve customer service? Drive traffic to your website?

It is important to choose the right combination of metrics that will provide the information needed to take action:

  • Community growth
  • Message range
  • Total interactions
  • Subjects / contents that generated more interactions.
  • Clicks to website