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Public relations are increasingly about communicating credibly with key audiences who affect business results. Enhancing awareness, understanding and commitment to a brand through public relations is usually an essential part of any overall organization strategy aimed at sustaining and raising standards of performance and credibility.

At its heart, Good Public Relations through a holistic approach, aims at raising brand awareness and increasing its visibility to attract new customers, maintain existing clients, recruiting and retaining new employees and gaining financial investments.

Today, with the use of digital marketing assets and publishing platforms, the ability to reach a wide, yet highly targeted audience at a reasonable cost has never been greater.

And with it, a public more equipped with mobile and social media tools to communicate quickly about your brand - good or bad. This means that establishing a strong reputation – what you do, what you say and what others are saying about you – has become more critical for long-term success.

Building brand awareness, and continuously nurturing it, is critical to a business’ lifetime success - nobody is going to buy from you unless they first know you exist.

Relación con Medios Tradicionales

Traditional Public Relations

Encompass a wide range of components, but its most prominent initiative is outreach to printed media outlets, television and radio. Positive, extensive brand building will be the main role of traditional PR and this is something that always will be worth it.

An integrated (holistic) communication strategy optimizes your communications and ensures that the message you send is consistent and continuous to increase awareness and visibility of your brand in all the channels that share it. If you are everywhere, your consumers will find you when they are looking for your products or services.

The benefits of integrating traditional media (printed media, radio and TV) into your promotional mix become clear when you consider the diversity of the modern consumers. Today, people discover what is important to them through a combination of old and new media. Remember that your buyer personas can be part of a generation that sees, hears or reads your content through traditional media.

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Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations

When it comes to growing a business there are multiple things that you can do to bring success, but the most important thing you can have is good visibility.

A top-notch public relations strategy has always been an essential part of any company’s marketing plan. This now includes digital PR.

Ask yourself if you are operating in the right market and if you are appealing to the correct audience. Are you making the right noises to those who are highly likely to interact with you and are you able to evolve and adapt with your audience?

The key to answering all of these will be in your marketing strategy and in the digital PR that you push out.

Digital PR can cover many components, including:

  • Media outreach and digital influence
  • Social media - hashtags
  • SEO - backlinks

Media outreach is all about amplifying through various communication channels valuable, relevant and authoritative content to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience to create and increase brand awareness and foster customer loyalty.

How can digital PR help your business?

Here are four serious benefits of utilizing digital PR in your integrated communications.

  • Increase exposure of your brand… basic need to reach new audiences.
  • Brand reputation and identity… to encourage conversations around your brand and boost sales.
  • Expand ability to track ROI… lets you see the true impact of a digital PR campaign and make adjustments to future campaigns.
  • Convert readers to buyer personas… allows you to cater your marketing efforts to self-educating buyers.

Building an audience to continue building your business.

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Content Creation

Content Creation

Good content snatches attention, but great content inspires action.

When it comes to building brand awareness, increasing visibility, connecting with your target audience and building trust, there’s no pursuit more powerful than to have a content marketing strategy. And in a world where consumers are savvier, more demanding and more empowered than ever, brands and businesses need to up their content efforts to engage, inspire and convert.

With digital technologies constantly evolving, highly searchable and shareable, authoritative content is the key to success as a proponent of thought leadership and inbound marketing.

Many companies struggle with their content strategy because:

1) Do not know what to write
2) Lack of time
3) Are not comfortable with their ability
4) Need a track on how to leverage content

…So, this is where we can help you!

InfoSol’s in-house CECREA® (Specialized journalists by industry that develop content for our clients) can produce great content on behalf of your company integrating a strong message and a search word strategy into every piece of content, regardless of the platform.

Every company has useful information they would like to share with their target audience to increase brand awareness and visibility, InfoSol’s content and marketing services can help you do just that.

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PR Metrics

PR Metrics (KPIS)

Output measures that can have the same level of granularity as sales data- proving the value of an investment well spent.

Holistic or integrated communications aligns several communication channels -owned-earned-paid–media to increase awareness and visibility of the brand in a cohesive, coherent, continuous and complementary manner, addressing the appropriate target market and adapting the communication of the message in the format according to the channel.

Increasing awareness and visibility of the brand, the primary objective of Good Public Relations is pursued by each channel to achieve engagement (a relationship with customers to promote brand loyalty and awareness), and it is imperative to establish and measure progress of the contribution of each channel in the achievement of this common objective.

To measure the success of long-term, as well as short-term, comprehensive communication campaigns requires a qualitative and quantitative point of view. It is important to agree -in a transparent manner– on objectives and metrics (KPIs-key performance indicators) when starting a campaign, fundamental for assessing visibility and engagement factors.

Remember that if you do not analyze something in detail, how can you tell if it is getting better or worse?

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Desarrollo de Mensajes

Creating Powerful Key Messages

Building credibility and trust to persuade your audiences.

Those clear, attractive and consistent words and brief phrases designed to persuade your audience, showcase the company's distinctive value proposition and what sets it apart from its competitors ... are Key Messages!

Key messages reflect what an organization is and generate remembrance in the minds of the target audience, with the mission of transmitting the benefits of how your unique value proposition will solve their needs, why they should trust you, and why they should choose or continue to do business with you over any other options they may have.

Remember, messages are a vital part in building a reputation (the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you).

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Profitable Brilliance.

In an economy based on wisdom, it is no longer about what you know, but about what you do with what you know, it is about trust, transparency and collaboration. A customer relationship is about adding value to everything you do and how you do it - the organization and its leaders should be catalysts for growth through Thought Leadership.

What is Thought Leadership?

At its core, Thought Leadership is a type of content marketing where you tap into the elements of a thought leader -talent, experience and passion-  to answer the biggest questions on the minds of a target audience on a particular topic. It means that the best and deepest answers, to the most important questions and / or doubts, are provided in the formats that audience likes to consume.

Thought leader is a person or firm that is not only recognized but also who profits from the recognition of authority.

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Communication in times of crisis


Crisis planning can reduce crisis risk and speed up crisis response.

You´ll agree that every business -even small businesses- is at risk of a crisis and need a crisis response plan just in case.

We’d like to share a few of the biggest benefits we have observed businesses are enjoying as a result of going through the crisis planning process.

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Media Training

Media Training

Discover the benefits of this invaluable tool and make your encounters the ideal space to monetize 'thinking' making memorable stories.

InfoSol has prepared over 500 company executives with media training sessions to enhance and maximize their communications skills and techniques to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences.

We work with executives to assess their current skills and custom-tailor the best approach and messaging to be used when speaking with reporters to help reach the company’s communication goals.

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Comunicados de Prensa 4.0

Press Release 4.0

One of the most powerful and far-reaching components in a company’s communication strategy.

People now have control over where, when, and how they use information, so a press release – is one of the most powerful and far-reaching components in a company’s communication strategy - it’s no longer about feeding into a traditional news cycle it’s about providing relevant content when, where, and how potential buyers, digital influencers and customers will consume it and incorporate it seamlessly into a content marketing campaign.

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Event 4.0

Event 4.0

Increasing the value of time and money spent on events.

The dominance of  the Internet, a 24/7 news cycle, influencers and the outsized role of social media has changed how and why events are executed, and with it, how to extend the brand experience beyond the four walls of an event to a larger audience —ultimately maximizing an event’s value and ROI.

And so, it is time to recalibrate the way to look at an event and what you hope to achieve from it.

Today, events should be a big content marketing hub to increase brand awareness and visibility, customer loyalty, social conversations, digital influence, mentions and publications, and at the end of the day, engage more buyer personas with the brand.

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Traditional Earned Media Audit

Traditional Earned Media Audit

Careful and honest traditional earned media audit, before a traditional PR campaign, will help you reduce the chances of failure.

Earned traditional media provides an excellent opportunity to build or improve brand awareness. However, reaching the top of the earned media pyramid is easier said than done.

So the question is how do you implement a successful earned traditional media strategy?

One of the most common reasons behind the failure of most strategies is the lack of an actionable and additive analysis. Careful and honest traditional earned media audit, before a traditional PR campaign, will help you reduce the chances of failure.

To achieve maximum effectiveness in a comprehensive communication strategy, it’s very important before you even try to communicate with the wide world of potential clients waiting for you out there, to perform an audit of your communication. This will give you an understanding of your audience, your competitors and the behavior of both, which otherwise could go undetected.

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Third Party Recognitions & Awards

Third Party Recognitions & Awards

Give instant credibility, elevate the perception of innovation, and move you to the front of potential buyers’ minds.

Awards can give instant credibility, elevate innovative products, and move you to the front of potential buyers’ minds. Awards come from great products, great services, and a great program that lands opportunities that matter to customers. We can help you.