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Social Media Services

Today audiences want to be in contact with the brands from multiple points and social networks have become the focus of attention. “Engagement is marketing”.

Sharing valuable content is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website, keep your customers up to speed through your thought leadership and reach new audiences.

Through social networks we can help you to encourage interactions, attitudes and actions towards your brand. Essential part of holistic communication, social networks boost brand awareness and visibility, reaching new audiences, turning them into potential customers and ultimately loyal customers.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Make your brand promise known and at the same time form a community, creating brand loyalty by conversing with your consumers and making them loyal followers of your brand.

Having a good Social Media Management, doesn’t mean simply having a Facebook page with many ‘likes’, is monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms with your target audience, and offering valuable content that not only appeals and is useful, but is part of a holistic marketing strategy.

We choose the right social networks for your company and we create communities that connect your brand with your consumer, to generate engagement and increase sales.

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Metrics - Social Media

Once you have defined what you want to achieve, it is important to choose the right combination of metrics that will provide the information needed to take action:

  • Community growth:  Number of fans / followers who are continually exposed to your content.
  • Message range: How many users see your messages.
  • Total interactions generated after the updates.
    • Shared: Times the content is shared by others, increasing your reach.
    • Mentions: How often your brand is mentioned in tweets or publications.
    • Comments: Number of comments your posts receive.
    • Sentiment /  likes: Sentiment that caused your content according to the theme you shared.
  • Subjects / contents that generated more interactions.
Social Ads Development

Social Ads

Boost sales, increase traffic to your profile, interact with followers are just some of social ads benefits.

Our goal: Reach new buyers and get current ones to buy more. How?  Segmenting the audience to focus ads that move and inspire your buyer personas, optimizing each social platform according to your objectives: apps downloads, increase followers, website clicks to maximize ROI, you name it. We can do it.

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation

When it comes to building brand awareness, increasing visibility, and connecting with your target audience, there’s no pursuit more powerful than building trust.

With digital technologies constantly evolving, social platforms, audiences and the use of information are transformed minute by minute, however valuable and relevant content remains the center of the conversation.

In InfoSol, we know that each social platform has its own tone and form. We create valuable content, in various formats, with clear, concise and direct messages.

Social Media Contests

Social Media Contests

We know that social platforms are the ideal channel to attract new audiences. And why don´t interest them through contests and promotions that help increase loyalty with current and potential customers?
In addition, improve engagement, strengthen and motivate interaction with the community, achieve greater exposure of products / services, increase the number of followers or form databases for the development of other holistic marketing campaigns.