Traditional Public

Public Relations include a wide range of tactics,
but one of its most important endeavors is delivering
information to print media, television and radio.

The use of traditional media adds weight and validity to what is shared, providing another narrative of the content and giving credibility of refutable third parties - those seeking for news online recognize and prefer news that come from established reliable news sources (e.g. Alto Nivel, Forbes, Reforma, etc.) - hence the importance of Traditional Public Relations.

Our successful practices, as a PR firmof over more than 25 years of experience are based around the concept of our Media Relations Program (MRP):

  • Segmenting
  • Knowing
  • Educating
  • Informing and
  • Dialoguing

Allowing us to help organizations achieve goals, reach their target audiences / buyer personas and spread their messages through the appropriate traditional communication channels, primary role of Traditional Public Relations.

PR is a powerful tool to influence and impact opinions. Get a glimpse on the benefits of a Public Relations Program and its potential in this success story.