Cristina Valezzi

Corporate Accounts Director

15+ years of PR experience in enterprise IT, Services, Logistics & Transportation

Cristina, responsible for the overall success and creativity of client programs, has built high-visibility, high-impact programs for companies across a diverse spectrum of sectors, including  enterprise IT, networking technology,  storage, IT and manufacturing consultancy, logistics and transportation.

Skilled in leading and managing strategic programs designed to accomplish defined communication and business objectives, Cristina works side-by-side with executive management teams at public and private companies to spearhead successful launches and ongoing campaigns that integrate traditional and digital PR, ultimately driving results that impact the bottom line.

Prior to joining InfoSol, Cristina was executing Communications and Public Relations plans for AMIS (Asociacion Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros).

Education: Bachelor of Accounting degree from Escuela Bancaria y Comercial.

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Cristina Valezzi