TIP MExico

The power of an event 4.0 to consolidate the leadership of the brand
TIP Mexico

TIP Mexico is a leading company in leasing of transportation equipment and vehicle fleet management in Mexico. It has two business lines: TIP Trailer, dedicated to the leasing of freight transport equipment, dry or refrigerated boxes, dollies, platforms, etc., with a fleet of over 15,800 trailers. TIP Auto is focused on leasing light vehicles, light and heavy trucks, and new truck tractors of different brands. Currently, TIP has a leased fleet of more than 10,000 vehicular units and offices in 19 cities in Mexico.

The Challenge

Increase the value and ROI of the event about the symbolic delivery of the 10,000 leased vehicular unit by TIP Mexico, viewing the event as a content creating machine, not only to generate coverage in traditional media but also offering attractive content that will contribute to increase click-throughs, improve engagement in social media and boost web traffic.

The Strategy

Event 4.0

A strategy driven by valuable content generation as a key element to increase brand awareness and visibility through traditional media and niche market organic micro influencers (transport and logistics) for inbound marketing.


  • To generate awareness and increase visibility about the event, contents were shared with journalists and organic micro influencers.


  • Creating and sharing content and digital assets (in real time) to promote the theme with traditional media and organic micro influencers.


  • Press Release 4.0 -relevant content when, where, and how potential buyers, digital influencers and customers consume it and incorporated seamlessly into the content marketing campaign - to communicate the event to TIP Mexico’s different audiences, boost web traffic to the brand's owned media and disseminate the messages across a wide spectrum of channels and platforms, in order to increase the possibilities to earn media coverage.
The Results
  • Inbound marketing: 13 publications in print and online niche media transport, logistics and business, where TIP’s buyer personas read, disseminating the brand messages and highlighting the leadership of TIP Mexico in freight transport equipment leasing.
  • Influence marketing: 48 social mentions of organic micro influencers, media and journalists who use social networks amplified the brand's messages in transport, logistics and business niches. And 140+ interactions (RT's, Shares, Likes, Comments) generated by the followers of organic micro influencers, media and journalists helped amplify the contents, increasing TIP Mexico’s visibility and introducing the brand to potential sales leads and future referees.
  • Content marketing: 50%+ of the valuable content generated online before, during and after the event gave longevity to the contents, making them searchable and shareable, thus supporting inbound marketing strategies of the brand.