Time Tracker

Intelligent brands require intelligent public relations
Time Tracker

Time Tracker de Mexico is a Mexican company that has evolved in the implementation of innovative solutions to control personnel access, adding value to its customers through solutions focused mainly on the use of data captured by its biometric equipment and mobile app in Business Intelligence (BI) environments.

The Challenge

Time Tracker started its activities developing access control solutions for external personnel based on biometrics as a core element of the business. Today, Time Tracker has evolved and implemented new schemes, recognizing the value of information and its benefits for businesses.

The challenge: Increase the visibility of the Time Tracker brand, through a traditional and digital intelligent PR strategy, highlighting through valuable content, the importance of its technological solutions that leverages data to make better business decisions in areas such as human resources, operations, logistics, marketing and sales; and its application mainly in retail, as well as in other markets such as pharmaceutical and automotive.

The Strategy

An intelligent PR strategy with traditional (media relations) and digital tactics (influencer marketing) to disseminate valuable content to business, technology and key niche media and achieve organic amplification through niche market organic micro influencers.

The Results
  • Increased brand awareness: 70% - 26 publications- in key media outlets such as Reforma, Mural, El Norte, Mundo Ejecutivo TV, Informa BTL, CEO magazine, among others, read by Time Tracker’s generation of buyer personas.
  • Influence marketing: 100+ social mentions by micro influencers (technology, human resources, and retail), media and journalists who use social networks amplified the messages of the brand. In addition, 90+ interactions (RT's, Shares, Likes, Comments) generated by micro influencers’ followers, media and journalists; introduced Time Tracker to a network of potential sales leads and future referees.
  • Content Marketing:
    • 440+ clicks to Time Tracker's owned media (website, social networks) were the result of the generation of optimized content with SEO tools, such as the use of search words (long tail) and a backlink strategy to boost web traffic.
    • 210+ paid accesses to Time Tracker’s website, amplifying valuable content, leveraging 2018 key moments of Mexican communications (2018 FIFA World Cup and July 2018 elections), covering topics of interest for businesses, such as: point-of-sale promotions, technology for Time & Attendance.
    • The use of hashtags in social networks was key to achieve a greater reach for the brand, increasing the visibility of the contents and making them easier to find by the buyer personas and driving traffic to Time Tracker’s website.