Consolidating TIP Mexico Leadership:
10,000 leased units

We helped TIP tell a different story showcasing their market leadership in transportation equipment leasing and vehicle fleet management.

The program

We contributed to the discovery online by its customers and potential customers, in the different touch of points during their customer journey, of its two business units: TIP Trailer - leasing of freight transport equipment- and TIP Auto - leasing light vehicles, light and heavy trucks, and new truck tractors- of different brands. 

Leveraged the 10,000 leased unit milestone, through an event 4.0 - a Off-Page SEO holistic approach-and generated not only traditional and social earned media, but also plenty of optimized content with search intent keywords and quality backlinks, increasing TIP Mexico brand awareness, visibility, social interactions, discoverability, and website traffic.

And, to extend its marketing impact beyond a moment in time, to improve ROI, generate interest, attendance, longevity of its contents and different event experiences - before, during and after –were shared through diverse communication channels: digital PR; traditional "new school" media and, social networks engaging its audiences and drive them to action.

1-day event

With this approach, coverage was earned in niche media (transportation and logistics) and mainstream media, with more than 50% of the content published by online media making it discoverable and shareable, supporting inbound marketing efforts; in addition, interactions with niche organic micro-influencers, media and journalists that use social networks, amplified the message, introducing TIP to a network of potential sales leads and future referees.

Off-Page SEO Strategy


Interactions / Engagement
  • Driven by media and journalists’ social media posts.
  • Propelled by organic micro influencers’ promotion strengthening the bond between the brand and current and potential customers.
  • Incentivized by the hashtag strategy, increasing brand awareness, and visibility, stimulating the creation of a community.


Searchable and shareable earned content

Support inbound marketing with valuable earned media, quality backlinks from authoritative media outlets and query relevant keywords that match search intent.