Media encounter on ITC trends applicable for different market sectors

“How Panduit enables all the ways businesses work and succeed creating comprehensive, stable infrastructure solutions that instill agility, productivity, and advantage at every layer of the business”


Since 1955, Panduit’s culture of curiosity and passion for problem solving has enabled more meaningful connections between companies’ business goals and their market success. Panduit creates leading-edge physical, electrical, and network infrastructure solutions for enterprise-wide environments, from the data center to the manufacturing floor, from the desktop to the telecom room.

The Challenge

Increased value and ROI of content presented on Panduit’s strategy and proposal for key market sectors: manufacturing, education, healthcare and finance, recalibrating the way it was disseminated / amplified.

The Strategy

Event 4.0

Share engaging and worthy content through owned-earned / shared media before, during and after the event, leveraging tech trends applied to the different sectors:

  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial Internet (Manufacturing 4.0)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Network infrastructure (wireless and wired)
  • Blockchain
  • Data Center


  • Press Release 4.0 - “Panduit´s strategies aligned to sector requirements to ensure success in a connected world”; and content marketing – “Robust physical infrastructure to quickly convert to trends such as eHealth & mHealth” and “Physical infrastructure: Starting point for the educational institutions of the future”, to raise awareness about the event.


  • Developed and shared content in real time with traditional niche media outlets, digital influencers and brand advocates to amplify Panduit's topics.


  • Shared engaging owned content generated during the event that helped increase click-throughs, improved social media engagement and reinforced SEO.
The Results
  • Content longevity to maximize ROI – To add to its inbound marketing, 30+ publications/ mentions on: trends that are impacting the sectors, how to enable these and how to prepare enterprises for digital transformation and a connected world, yielded “searchable" and "shareable" valuable content with increased longevity for the customer journey.
  • Good content to improve SEO performance – Valuable content was amplified in government, security, banking and financial, technology and business niches by 20+ digital influencers and 10+ mentions of traditional media outlets and journalists using social platforms.
  • Engagement with the Panduit brand – Interaction with the brand - one of the leading providers of complete and flexible network and electrical connectivity infrastructure solutions - was driven through 80+ interactions with digital influencers, media and journalists using social platforms.

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