Long live Android mobile security in Mexico!

PSafe navigates through agitated seas, proving to be a captain when sailing the turbulent waters that upset mobile security and performance, delivering the best solutions. PSafe reassures, being the rescue platform for more than 20 million users through DFNDR, the security, privacy and performance suite, enhancing user safety within the digital world.

The Challenge

Increase downloads of the most complete solution for a safe and hassle-free digital life, while maintaining the highest performance of Android mobile devices to chat, browse, share files, and shop online with the protection of the best mobile antivirus in the market.

The Strategy
  • Holistic Communication (owned- earned / shared media) through valuable content marketing, capitalizing topics such as:
    • Cybersecurity and cyber attacks
    • Mobility
    • Social engineering / Virtual kidnapping
  • Maximizing earned / shared media leveraging:
    • Thought Leadership of Marco DeMello, PSafe Global CEO, one of the creators of the first company to offer an online and free security service, sharing his vision on cybersecurity for Android mobile devices in 50+ face-to-face meetings with niche and digital media.
    • Newsjacking – injected PSafe’s vision into the day’s news, creating a twist that grabbed the eyes when they were open widest - WhatsApp and its security vulnerability; online stores as a gateway to malware; DDoS attack on DYN´s -internet provider – managed DNS infrastructure; world launch of video games: Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run.
    • Seasonal events: Formula 1, Mother's Day, Black Friday, Christmas.
The Results
  • Increased PSafe brand recognition as the ideal advisor on issues of better security management in mobile devices and optimizing the performance of intelligent devices, quickly becoming a solution for the digital life of Mexican smartphone users, scoring more than 2M+ monthly active users.
  • To support its inbound marketing - through valuable content marketing, PSafe ranked first place vs. its competitors in earned / shared media on the topic “Mobile Security”, giving longevity and a better ROI to this content, making it "searchable" and "shareable" during the consumer buying journey.

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