Roland DGA

Transforming imagination into reality

A continuous, constant and consistent holistic communication approach - the modern-day nexus points at which the traditional and the digital meet - boosted brand exposure with current and potential customers, considering the spectrum of earned-owned- shared media traversing the LATAM markets.

The program

Roland DGA Corp. is a worldwide leader in sign, graphic arts, vehicle graphics, UV, photography, engraving and 3D modeling industries. Working along with Roland and InfoSol teams, the goal was set: increase awareness-engagement – interaction to reach the different generations of current and potential customers in LATAM.

A multichannel amplification of printing trends was deployed through niche publications, - the darlings of B2B marketing- to gain maximum relevance to their readers sophisticated and deeper messages were crafted for targeted industry professionals, with a particular set of interests, giving Roland’s niche focus content ”teeth” and  making easier to explain why they would need its innovative, reliable, and high-quality products.

Through transmedia storytelling (infographics, videos, imagery, etc.) and multiple social media platforms organic micro influencers were nurtured to turn them into brand ambassadors and introducing the brand to a network of potential clients and future referees. ROI was increased making content "searchable" and "shareable“ (sustainable) to accompany  the customer journey in its key LATAM markets -  wide format commercial printing, screen printing, apparel, promotional products, dental equipment and education.


Accesses to website


Through the link building strategy in earned media / organic micro influencers / Digital PR.

Off-Page SEO Strategy

Interactions / Engagement

  • Driven by media and journalists’ social media posts.
  • Propelled by organic micro influencers’ promotion strengthening the bond between the brand and current and potential customers.
  • Incentivized by the hashtag strategy, increasing brand awareness, and visibility, stimulating the creation of a community.

Quality online coverage

Props discoverability (inbound marketing) -valuable earned media, quality backlinks from authoritative media outlets and query relevant keywords that match search intent.

Brand Awareness

Quality print coverage

Opportunity to be seen in media outlets who have the power of the tangible to create impact, establish an emotional connection and improve recall. Campaigns are most effective when print is used with an integrated approach, increases ROI, and engenders greater trust, relevance, reliability, and authority.