Launching the Unisys Security Index Mexico 2017: Protection of personal data

Unisys is an information technology company specialized in providing integrated solutions with leading-edge security to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets. The Unisys Security Index Mexico measures consumer concerns on issues related to national, personal, financial and Internet security.

The Challenge

Increase the event's value and ROI recalibrating the way information was disseminated on the Security Index 2017, taking a holistic communications approach, viewing the event more as a content creating machine, not only generating traditional media coverage but also yielding plenty of engaging content that could help boost click-throughs, improve social media engagement and bolster high-quality SEO content.

The Strategy

Event 4.0

Before, during (in real-time) and after the event - create and share valuable content with traditional media outlets, digital influencers and brand advocates.


  • To raise awareness on the launching: Press Release 4.0 and content marketing.


  • Holistic Communications focused on owned-earned / shared-paid media through valuable content, capitalizing on topics and trends such as:
    • Digital Transformation
    • Cybersecurity
    • Security Index Mexico
    • Virtual Banking
    • Financial Security
    • Identity Theft
    • Cloud Computing
    • Biometrics
    • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Newsjacking:  Maximizing Cybersecurity and Advanced Data Analytics topics in earned and shared media leveraging the ransomware attack WannaCry.
  • Content and digital assets - creation and sharing (in real-time) to drive the topic with traditional media, digital influencers and brand advocates.


  • Shared organically and paid engaging content generated during the event that helped increase click-throughs, improve social media engagement and reinforced SEO.
The Results
  • Adding to its inbound marketing - Increased longevity of "searchable" and "shareable“ valuable content for the customer journey through 102 publications / mentions in security, government and banking niche media: 92% in digital and 8% in traditional channels.
  • Digital influence - Messages were amplified in government, security, banking and financial, technology and business niches by 77 digital influencers that bolstered SEO content.
  • Engagement – Interaction with the Unisys brand- as one of the leading experts in financial and digital security was driven through 158 digital influencers, media and journalists using social platforms to reach its buyer personas.

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