Increasing awareness and visibility through Thought Leadership

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility, focused on helping customers accelerate their digital transformation, enabling enterprises to master a software-defined strategy for IT and business, using its Cross-Cloud Architecture™ and solutions for the data center, mobility and security.

The Challenge

Increase awareness and visibility of the VMware brand through its senior management using a holistic PR communication approach, to instill their Thought Leadership and becoming part of the conversations on Data Center, Cloud Computing, Mobility and Security.

The Strategy

At its core, Thought Leadership is a type of content marketing that takes advantage of the talent, experience and passion to respond to top questions or doubts in the minds of VMware's target audience, on how to accelerate digital transformation based on four strategic IT priorities: modernizing data centers, integrate public clouds, empower the digital workspaces and transform security; in the format that target audiences like to consume.

Thought Leadership is the result of a strong content marketing strategy, leveraging topics and trends to make information "searchable" and "shareable".

Tactics implemented to increase awareness and visibility of the brand:

  • Networking with the media, offering knowledge, advice, experience and opinions to the market as Thought Leaders.
  • Earned media - meetings with opinion leaders, executive meetings with editors, and interviews with journalists to share stories, scoops and the latest news from VMware.
  • Digital PR - quality content generation and digital assets to achieve engagement (interaction with VMware), showing the leaders as experts through digital influencers.
  • Promotion of third parties: awards, recognitions and rankings.
The Results
  • Supporting its inbound marketing – amplifying marketing messages and position VMware as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility that speeds up the digital transformation of businesses, stories through traditional and digital media that their buyer personas read and niche influencers, media and journalists that use social platforms.
  • Digital influence - Messages were amplified primarily in IT, business, telecommunications, government and finance market niches by 65 digital influencers that helped SEO positioning, giving content marketing longevity by making the information "searchable" and "shareable".
  • Engagement- interaction with VMware brand- as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility that helps customers accelerate their digital transformation was driven by 67 interactions with digital influencers, media and journalists using social platforms.

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